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Here's explained in what situation should you use different product type.

Normal products

Normal product means that every product has their own data. Every normal product has it's own number, pricing, pictures, descriptions etc.


Multiproducts are basically normal products that are grouped in webshop behind same product sheet.


Selections are used mainly in textile industry.

How to make normal products

More in video (in finnish)

How to make multiproducts

Multiproducts are made from normal products except that only first product has to have pictures and descriptions.

There are three steps:

  1. Insert first products product number to multituote field in ominaisuudet tab in product register for every product of multiproduct series including the firts product
  2. Make sizes, colors or what parameters you need in Ylläpito -> Muut rekisterit -> Ominaisuudet
  3. Choose made parameters to products in product registers Ominaisuudet tab

More in video (in finnish)

How to make Selections

Selections are maintained in Ylläpito -> Muut rekisterit -> Lajitelmat. Different selection can be attached to product in first tab of the product register.

More in video (in finnish)

When to use normal product

When customer is making buying decision based on how the product looks and different products in same product line are looking different. 

Sometimes used to have more products in product category instead of making selection or multiproduct.

When to use multiproduct

When product look same in product listing in webshop but price changes with different parameter e.g. bigger sized mat is more expensive although it looks same.

When to use selection

When different sized or colored products have same buying and selling price. Vartiants of selection may have different EAN-number and stock account but produvt number has to be same.

Disadvantages of normal product

Data has to be behind every product which increases maintanance.

Disadvantages of multiproduct

You have to create product for every combination of parameters. e.g. Product have 2 colors and 2 sizes. It means you have to create 2*2=4 different products. If product has 3 lenghts as well you have to create 2*2*3=12 products. 

Disadvantages of selection

All variants of selection has to have same product number, supplier number, selling price and buying price.

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